Welcome to the Noble Hop!

After many month of planning, scouting locations, driving around to strange warehouses in Whitby, pissing off parents with large deliveries in the driveway, and a hectic move-in week, Noble Hop finally opens!

And so does this blog.

When you come into the store, you’ll meet a guy named Dave. That’s me. Before opening the store, I used to work in banking and pretty much crunched numbers all day. One day I was at a party and met someone who said he was a homebrewer. He told me about the process, all his gadgets, and actually had some of his beer for me to try. I instantly fell in love and started reading obsessively about brewing beer. One thing lead to another and I was setup with my own little home brewery.

After many successful (and unsuccessful) batches of beer, the idea came to provide downtown Torontonians another source to get their supplies. Wonderful homebrewing supply stores already exist in the GTA, but I wanted to provide locals a truly downtown shop to get malts, yeast, hops, and equipment. And now here we are!

I will strive to carry products that support all levels of homebrewers, keep fair prices for my customers, and constantly work towards getting new people brewing their own beer.  I plan on brewing regularly in the store garden (check Brew Days) in order to foster an environment where local homebrewers and noobs can come learn about different brewing topics.

I got into homebrewing because I liked creating something authentic that I could shared with my friends and family. Hopefully Noble Hop is something authentic that I can share with the rest of Toronto. Feel free to come in the store and ask lots of questions!






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